Be notified when the week passes and you're due to put aside that week's amount.


See the dates when you're due to put that week's amount aside. See the dates when you have deposited your weekly amounts.

Easy as...

Swipe on the week's amount. That's it. Deposited more? Fantastic! You can update the amount in the app too.


You would like to start big and finish small? Sure! You can reverse the challenge amounts at any time.

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions and simple answers to understand

Those annoying ads!?

We don't like ads either, we loath them, but we would like to keep the app in the App Store for people to download. That requires us to pay a membership annual fee. Also, we would like to be able to fix bugs and add functionality. Luckily, for a one off In-App Purchase you can get rid of all the ads and unlock all the functionality!

Can I automate the process of depositing out of my bank account?

No. The whole point of the 52 Week Money Challenge is for you to get into a habit of saving and not for the app to do it for you. There are other apps out there that provide that or similar functionality.

Why can't I see the dates when to deposit?

That is a [pro] feature that you can unlock with a one-off In-App Pucrhase transaction.

Can I secure the app with a password or an access pin?

We figured there is no need for such functionality as there are is compromising information in the app. There are no "real" transactions to be made, and app is not linked to a financial account or anything like that. The worst case scenario is, that someone sees your balance and/or changes the deposits. But that can be easily fixed by swiping the amounts again and updating one or more deposit amounts to add up the total balance to what you have in your piggy bank.

Will I lose my progress if I upgrade my iPhone?

If you've upgraded to pro features and enabled iCloud sync, the app should pull the latest progress state from iCloud automatically.

Will this app work on my iPad?

It will work. The design will not look perfect, but it will work. We're working on an iPad version as it requires a bit different design due to a completely different form factor.

If I upgrade my phone, will I have to pay for the pro features again?

No. You can simply restore your purchases from within the app.

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